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Video Gallery



NRECA COO Jeffrey Connor kicks off the Co-ops Vote campaign.


NRECA President, Mel Coleman, talks about the importance of Co-op members going to the polls.


NRECA Secretary-Treasurer, Curtis Wynn, spends some time at the polls on North Carolina Primary Day.


Youth Leadership Council members share their excitement about voting for the first time.


Rep. Beth Harwell (R-Nashville), TN Speaker of the House, tells us why it's important to be registered and to vote.


Mid-South Synergy in Navasota, TX gets it. General Manager and CEO Kerry Kelton is encouraging their members to vote.


More Reasons Why Voting Matters


Former Rep. Tom Davis, R-VA, tells us why it is vital for rural Americans to vote.


Former Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-SD, explains how our vote is our voice.


NRECA Vice President Phil Carson explains how Co-ops Vote sends a powerful message in rural America.


Cooperative leaders from across the country explain the value of participating in Co-ops Vote.


NRECA Interns Bring Co-ops Vote to Capitol Hill


NRECA CEO Jim Matheson urges co-op members to vote


Co-ops Vote at the Vice Presidential Debate


Coops Vote at Southside Electric Cooperative's Annual Meeting


NRECA CEO Jim Matheson on the Importance of Co-ops Vote


NRECA CEO Jim Matheson on Co-ops Vote in 2018