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Video Gallery



NRECA COO Jeffrey Connor kicks off the Co-ops Vote campaign


NRECA Past President Mel Coleman talks about the importance of co-op members going to the polls


NRECA Vice President Curtis Wynn spends some time at the polls on North Carolina Primary Day


Youth Leadership Council members share their excitement about voting for the first time


Rep. Beth Harwell (R-Nashville), TN Speaker of the House, tells us why it's important to be registered and to vote


Mid-South Synergy in Navasota, TX gets it. General Manager and CEO Kerry Kelton encourages their members to vote


More Reasons Why Voting Matters


Former Rep. Tom Davis, R-VA, tells us why it is vital for rural Americans to vote


Former Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-SD) explains how our vote is our voice


NRECA President Phil Carson explains how Co-ops Vote sends a powerful message in rural America


Cooperative leaders from across the country explain the value of participating in Co-ops Vote


NRECA Interns Bring Co-ops Vote to Capitol Hill


NRECA CEO Jim Matheson urges co-op members to vote


Co-ops Vote at the Vice Presidential Debate


Co-ops Vote at Southside Electric Cooperative's Annual Meeting