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An open letter to all first time voters:


A simple pen stroke created a revolution within our young nation. But, a series of pen strokes changed the history of our country forever. The United States Constitution provides structure to our democracy and made the United States unique, deriving its legitimacy from the will of the people.  Voting has allowed the American people to determine our officials, our future, and to protect our freedom. However, many times this seemingly simple task has become overwhelming for first time voters.  The task of choosing the people that will lead our cities, our state, and our nation is one that often times scares away first time voters for the fear of making the wrong choice.


In our busy lives we often forget that everything starts with one simple act. The simple act of flicking a light switch provides power for us to study, to create memories and see our lives in full color. This simple act creates an impact that is everlasting, that once started can never be taken away. As a first time voter and growing up, I frequently heard the phrase that “one vote doesn’t matter.” It was often tossed around like a volleyball during P.E. class. Adults would discuss how unhappy they are with the current situation our nation was in, but would then turn around and say “I am not voting this time because I just feel like my vote doesn’t matter.” That “one vote won’t change the election.” But, what if we all had that same mindset? What if we all just choose not vote? What would that impact be? Back to the pen stroke – what if they never began to write our Constitution and they never put the pen to the paper?


This upcoming election is one that will be looked back on for generations to come. The impact it creates will be resounding for generations to come. This is our first chance to start writing our legacy. The simple act of putting pen to paper changed the history of our nation forever. A simple act of voting in this upcoming election will do the same. You now have the chance to allow your voice to be heard, and to vote for candidates that will fight for your interests. Become educated on the issues and the candidates and begin to write your future today.


Put your pen to paper on November 8th 2016, and write your future.



Cale McCall

Age: 18

Dixie County High School Graduate