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5-Star Co-op Program

Thank you for your continued support of Co-ops Vote! The 5-Star Co-op Program is an easy way for co-ops across the country to become or stay engaged in the Co-ops Vote campaign. The concept is simple: earn stars for a variety of suggested activities to help promote the Co-ops Vote campaign, encourage civic engagement, and get your communities out to vote! This year, we will focus on the 5-Star Co-op program will be central to our efforts to increasing rural voter turnout.

For 5-Star Co-op Program resources, visit our Co-ops Vote Resources page on ( is a secure and private website for members of the electric cooperative family sponsored by NRECA, CFC and Federated.)

2020 5-Star Co-ops

5 Star Co-ops - 7/31/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 7/24/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 7/20/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 7/10/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 6/26/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 6/8/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 5/29/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 4/3/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 3/6/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 2/28/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 2/21/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 2/14/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 1/31/2020
5-Star Co-ops - 1/10/2020