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Be the Difference in Your Next Election

What is Co-ops Vote?

A Co-op Voter:

Wants to preserve the way of life in rural America, but not let our future generations be left behind technologically.

Believes in policies that will modernize our nation's energy supply in a way that keeps costs affordable, promotes system reliability, and avoids imposing undue burdens on our energy supply system.

Wants to be an active voice in the community and promote the democratic system of governance for all our nation's institutions, from our co-ops to the halls of Congress.

Will vote for any candidate, regardless of party, who is willing to help ensure that rural Americans have ready access to reliable, affordable energy.

Information on Voting in Your Area

How Can YOU Make a Difference?

Help your cooperative organize or work a voter registration event

Attend campaign events/town hall meetings and ask questions

Set up meetings with candidates on an issue you care about

Talk to family, friends and neighbors about voting

Visit the Co-ops Vote Facebook and Twitter pages and share the message

Are YOU a Co-op Voter? Tell us why!


Voting 101 - A Guide for New Voters