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National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day is September 28!

Sign up to host an event in your community now! All politics is local, and 2021 is an opportunity to make your voice heard right in your own community!


NRECA and Co-ops Vote, along with co-ops around the country, played a part in helping to register 1.5 MILLION voters in 2020! Click here to view the 2020 NVRD Final Report.


Active civic engagement, including voting, contributes to the health and economic vitality of local communities. People who vote are more likely to connect with neighbors, talk to elected officials, and engage civically in other ways.

The Benefits of Voting

Voting is connected with a host of positive benefits for individual voters and nonprofits alike. Compared to non-voters, voters are more likely to volunteer, contact their elected officials, and stay informed about local affairs. To learn more about the benefits of voting, and why getting started with voter engagement may be right for your organization, see our full “Benefits of Voting” resource here.  


My Vote Matters: Reasons to Register and Vote
When speaking to your community about the reasons for voting, try a variety of different approaches. Many vote because they are for or against an issue or candidate. For others, voting is about ensuring high voter turnout, resulting in greater access to elected officials and more of a say in decisions affecting the community. For more information see our “My Vote Matters: Reasons to Register and Vote” resource here.


How to Engage High Potential Voters
By actively engaging voters, nonprofits have the ability to reach people missed by traditional campaigns, also known as “High Potential Voters”. Working to engage this group contributes to more active citizenship and an electorate that more fully represents the communities they serve. To learn more about how to reach this group, see our resource “How to Reach High Potential Voters” here.

Questions About Voter Engagement
As a Nonprofit, there may be questions you have about folding voter engagement into your organization’s wider mission. This is why we have put together a short guide of frequently asked questions to help get your organization started. For more information, check out our “Questions About Voter Engagement” resource here.

2021 State Rules for Voter Registration Drives
In this section you will find guides for organizing voter registration drives in your state and other relevant information, including voter registration deadlines. These resources include links to state-specific voter registration forms, regulations your state may have for making copies of voter registration forms, and other information about conducting voter registration drives. These resources also provide information about registering to vote under special circumstances (homelessness, disability, etc.)
Safely Engaging Voters

Using Mapping to Reach Voters



Planning Your NVRD Event