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Election Hot Topics
The Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is an important piece of federal legislation that allocates money to rural communities and economic development. The legislation supports programs that allow electric cooperatives to receive financing for the work they do to bring basic electricity to your home or business. It also provides funding that can be used by co-ops to develop innovative solutions to new challenges like broadband internet service and securing the electric grid. And finally, money is provided through the Farm Bill to support rural economic development that improves the lives of our communities and families. Tell your candidates that you are concerned about the ability of your cooperative to keep a steady supply of reliable, affordable energy flowing to your community, and that you support offering new technologies and opportunities to member-owners like yourself.  

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Broadband for Rural America

High-speed internet access is the gateway to the world, allowing access to greater educational opportunities for our children, job prospects that we might not otherwise have, and connectivity for the ever-growing world of smart devices. However, as each day passes without access to broadband in large parts of rural America, the digital divide widens and leaves some rural communities behind. As advocates for the nation’s rural electric cooperatives, we can make sure that federal dollars are used to support our communities in rural America that need this vital connection. Congress recently designated $600 million for use in rural broadband grants and loans. But that is just the beginning. Tell your candidates to support significant funding to help bring high speed internet access to rural America. 

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