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Co-op Issues

Rural Infrastructure

Rural America needs more than roads and bridges when it comes to infrastructure. NRECA is working to remind policymakers about the broader infrastructure needs of rural America and the importance of reliable power.


Co-ops have three major priorities when it comes to infrastructure:

  1. Any infrastructure package should recognize the need to maintain and enhance the rural electric grid, which powers 42 million Americans.
  2. Electric co-ops are also working to ensure more timely permitting decisions to expedite and reduce the costs of critical infrastructure projects. Regulatory review timelines for infrastructure can stretch on for years. These delays present reliability problems, strain existing infrastructure and can force electric co-ops to take drastic measures to keep the lights on.
  3. Rural broadband deployment also must be an infrastructure priority. Broadband access is limited across much of the nation's rural landscape but is a key ingredient to a healthy 21st century rural economy. Electric co-ops are working to expand rural broadband access and look forward to working with other stakeholders to close the digital divide.


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